Rebounders Canada is a registered Canadian charity that offers support and social opportunities to adults living with the long-term effects of childhood cancer.

Here are some of our objectives:

  • offer opportunities for survivors to connect with other survivors and enjoy fun social events

  • find new survivors to become members of Rebounders

  • raise funds for survivor activities across Canada

  • we print a MEMBER DIRECTORY to help you find other survivors (listing is optional)

  • we STAY IN TOUCH with you through newsletters and other communications

  • you can connect to our Facebook page by clicking here, or you search for us

How does Rebounders help survivors connect?

We offer regular SOCIAL EVENTS in the Greater Toronto, Ottawa and London, Ontario areas. Events are sponsored by Rebounders and are no or low cost to attend. Assistance with travel expenses for out of town survivors may be available. Some of our events include fun learning opportunities that are relevant to survivors.

It's easy to connect with Rebounders...