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Rebounders Canada is a registered Canadian charity offering support and social opportunities to adults who are living with the long-term effects of childhood cancer. This Membership Form must be filled out and signed to participate in Rebounders activities.

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By completing this form I am indicating that I wish to participate in activities offered by Rebounders Canada. I understand that Rebounders Canada is a registered Canadian charity that provides support and social opportunities for adult survivors of childhood cancer. I further understand that Rebounders Canada activities may operate with limited or no supervision or with assistance that is provided by fellow survivors of childhood cancer. If I require personalized care for any reason, including those caused by physical, mental or emotional challenges, I understand that I am to make my own arrangements for this and notify Rebounders Canada group leaders in advance of events. I understand that Rebounders Canada accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or injury caused by, or during attendance of, any organized activity. As a participant in Rebounders Canada activities I promise to conduct myself in a manner that is mature, safe and respectful of fellow participants, supervisors/group leaders, supporters and host venue representatives.