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  A key focus of Rebounders is to make survivors aware that they are not alone in dealing with the  
  constant challenges that follow survival of childhood cancer. Through creating regular get-togethers, new  
  friendships have developed resulting in a special community of survivors provide support to each other.  
It is important that distance and financial situation does not stand in the way of Survivors attending our  
programs. To help members get safely and comfortably to planned events we have developed a Travel  
Help program. Survivors can apply to Rebounders Canada for financial travel assistance, funds  
permitting, so all who wish to participate can. Contact us for more information.  
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To encourage members to keep in touch with new found friends in a low-tech and inexpensive way, we

have developed a membership directory> Listing in the Directory is optional. To keep everyone feeling involved,  
we send out birthday cards and Holiday cards in December.  
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To keep our members and their families as well as friends of Rebounders informed of events either planned,  
or in the process of planning, we publish occasional newsletters. All are encouraged to send in stories,  
pictures and articles of interest.  
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Rebounders Canada is continuously on the lookout for new and innovative ways to raise funds to finance  
our programs. Our approach is three pronged. Projects must be people oriented, environmentally  
friendly and community minded. All the funds raised go entirely to Rebounders Canada's projects, our  
two main sources of funds are:  
The annual "New Life Dinner"
On-line donations

The New Life Dinner is not only a major fundraiser, but also an important evening for our Rebounders,

who not only participate actively but use the occasion to tell the story of their experiences as a cancer  
survivor before a large group of friends, families and supporters. This is an inspiring evening for all who  
attend, making the raising of funds secondary to the celebration of individual accomplishments of  
Feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

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An essential activity is the ongoing process of locating adult survivors of childhood cancer, making them  
aware of Rebounders Canada's supportive activities and getting them to join us in our quest for real  
Rebounders believe in creating friendships based on mutual caring and understanding between survivors  
and with others. In this way, our goal to help Survivors of childhood cancer thrive, not just survive will  
be achieved.  

We extend a warm welcome to new members so that they can reap the rewards of being part of a

friendly, caring group of like survivors.  
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