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adult survivors of childhood cancer
We are a registered Canadian charity that offers support and social opportunities to adults who are living with the
long term effects of childhood cancer
More than 82% of children diagnosed with cancer are cured and become survivors. Survival alone is not enough. Over half of all
adult survivors of childhood cancer will face a lifetime of complications that are a direct result of the disease of the treatment
they received.
Many survivors face physical and social challenges that they work hard to overcome.
Is this you or someone you know?
Rebounders Canada helps connect adult survivors of childhood cancer!
If you would like to join Rebounders or know about our programs, please contact: Jill Sprawson at (905) 338-1530.
Please allow at least two days for response.
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Upcoming Events
St. Andrew's Club & Conference Centre
Hosted by St. Andrew's Club
  Saturday, February 11, 2017 Saturday, April 29, 2017  
  Arrive 3:30 - 4:00 p.m A very special gathering of Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer  
    Participate in hands-on sessions, make new friends  
  Please confirm attendance and learn something new!  
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Sharing good times with family & friends

Socializing / Supper/ Music / Dancing



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  Please contact:          
    Contact information:        
  Jill Sprawson (905) 338-1530 Jill Sprawson (905) 338-1530        
  rebounderscanada@cogeco.ca asprawson@cogeco.ca        
  Monika Roess (905) 842-3988   Monika Roess (905) 842-3988        
  proess@sympatico.ca   proess@sympatico.ca        
      For Ottawa please contact        
      Sarah Brandon (613) 737-7600 Ext. 3495        
      Louise (613) 316-8792        
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Charity/BN Registration #: 86364 3888 RR0001

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