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  Remember that every second Saturday of each month we have our monthly get-togethers at  
  St. Andrew's.  Also don't forget to come back and check often for new and exciting events.  

There may be a couple of spontaneous events happening. Keep an eye out!

Feel free to contact us for more information and details.


Saturday, February 11, 2017 - "Rebounders Velentine's Dinner & Dance"

Sharing good times with family & Friends


Monika Roess at (905) 842-3988 or by email at

Jill Spwason
at (905) 338-1530 or by email at


Saturday, April 29, 2017- "Rebounders Day"

  What is Rebounders Day?
A very special gathering of Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer from across Canada… a chance to see old friends, make new
friends and learn something new!
  What happens on Rebounders Day?
It’s a day planned just for adult survivors! Catch up with survivor friends and meet other adult survivors of childhood cancer.
Participate in hands-on sessions that are geared to your interests. Learn more about Rebounders Canada and how we work.
Enjoy delicious meals, comfortable accommodation and a fun-filled Saturday night for survivors only.
  How do I get there?
Special arrangements for overnight stays are being arranged at
a nearby hotel for all Rebounders and arrangements being made for transportation, too. More details to follow.
  What does it cost?
Thanks to the St. Andrew’s Club, volunteer organizers and generous supporters there is no cost for survivors to attend.
Accommodations and travel will be arranged compliments of Rebounders Canada. We ask, if you are able, to make an optional $50 contribution towards your cost to attend.
You can also help by talking about Rebounders with your friends and family. Ask them if they can make a tax-deductible
donation to support Rebounders Day. The contact people below can tell you how!
  What should I do now?
1. Let us know if you can attend! Many more details will follow. All attendees must confirm no later than March 27, 2017. Space may be limited so respond soon!
2. Tell us what interests you. Help us plan for sessions that will be interesting and beneficial to adult survivors.

Who should I contact?
(GTA and Canada) Jill Sprawson
Email: Phone: 905-338-1530

(GTA and Canada) Monika Roess
Email: Phone: 905-842-3988

(Ottawa, Québec) Sarah Brandon
Email: Phone: 613-737-7600, Ext. 3495

Check out Rebounders Facebook page and website!


Monika Roess at (905) 842-3988 or by email at

Jill Spwason
at (905) 338-1530 or by email at

(Ottawa, Quebec) Sarah Brandon at (613) 737-7600 or by email at

For further information please contact Louise at 613 316-8792

Registration Information

If you are in the Greater Toronto area or anywhere else in Canada, please contact:

Monika Roess at (905) 842-3988 or by email at
Jill Spwason at (905) 338-1530 or by email at

Please call to let us know what events you would like to attend  
  Are You Moving? Please let us know!  
  Are you going to be moving any time soon or changing your e-mail address?   
  Please let us know so that we can redirect your “Reflections” newsletter to you.  

Contact Information
1160 Klarecroft Way
Oakville, Ontario L6H 3A2
Locally 905-338-1530

Directory Information
(Change of address or e-mail)
Contact Rebounders Canada
1160 Klarecroft Way
Oakville, Ontario L6H 3A2
(905) 338-1530

Newsletter Contributions
Contact Shari Kluszczynski
By phone: 905-792-2000
Mail: 14 Fidelia Crescent
Brampton, Ontario L6T 3P8



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